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• Multi-physics multi-scale modeling of fault rupture mechanics and engineering strong motion •

2023 Türkiye & Syria earthquakes
Predicting rupture extent and outcomes in complex fault networks by leveraging AI

California, US
A new method to approximate initial fault stressses starting from regional seismicity

Palu, Indonesia
Effect of fault damage zones on rupture and triggered landslides

Martinique, Lesser Antilles/Caribbean
Identifying the kinematic source parameters influential on engineering design

• Site effects, Near-surface soil dynamics, and Observational seismology •

Kathmandu, Nepal
Unraveling the coupling of soil nonlinearity and wave incidence at city scale

Los Alamos, New Mexico
Sensitivity of 3D topographical amplification to noise vs body waves

Soil dynamics in the US/Japan:
Wave propagation in liquefiable soils
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Quarry blasts in Montelimar, France:
Relocating the human-made (?) earthquake
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